Nikki and Chris Nieboer

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Jointly nominated for Foster Family of the Year, Nikki and Chris have been fostering for seven years, and Nikki is a well-respected mentor in the Calgary and District Foster Parents Association Mentor Program. Their fostering journey began 10 years ago when they welcomed a kinship placement into our home. Nikki goes on to explain, “The kinship process (which led to adoption) helped us realize that our family had more love to give so we eventually [...]

Adam & Monique McCardle

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“I would choose them to be on everyone’s team,’’commented one Team Leader, describing the benefits of working with Adam and Monique McCardle. Having fostered for eight years, Monique and Adam have managed a household of up to 12, including adults. In addition to their biological children, they have also adopted one, have been granted private guardianship of another, and have had many foster children at any one time. The McCardles have persevered with children (and [...]

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